Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Always Use a Lock

The unluckiest woman in the gym reminded me of an incident I had when I was a freshman in high school. Members of the football team had a separate locker room and we routinely left my locker open while dressing and showering. Upon returning from showering one day, the new gym shirt I had just bought was missing. At that point, I realized I had been naïve to believe that my all my teammates could be trusted. I always had my suspicions of a senior, who wore a gym shirt much too big for him. However, I knew I would never be able to prove it.

From then on, I locked everything which could be, even if I was even away for a short time. I lock my house, even when just working in the yard. I lock my car, even when making a short stop in the convenience store. And I always lock my locker in the gym, even for the few minutes needed for taking a shower.

I'm probably overly cautious. However, I'd rather be safe, than regret not locking something after it's gone.

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1 comment:

TimH said...

That's unfortunate you've had that experience; I know, it happened to me when my parent's house was broken into 30 years ago. Since then though I've been lucky enough to have never locked my own house since I bought it back in 1994. I don't even know where the key is; though I'm pretty sure my maid has a copy. I don't lock my car unless my wife's purse is in it or I'm in a parking garage. I ALWAYS lock my custom made bikes. c'est la vie.