Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Daughter's Major Food Groups

I grew up with four basic food groups: dairy, meats, grain, and fruits and vegetables. The food groups have now evolved to a food pyramid with grains at the foundation level, vegetable and fruits at the next level, meat and dairy at the third level, and fats, oils and sweets at the top. As parents, we try to encourage healthy eating using these food groups. However, our four year old daughter has her own idea of the categories of food groups. Without our guidance, she would easily gravitate towards the food groups listed below:

  • Cheese - I think she could live on cheese if needed. While cheese is part of the dairy group, too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad.

  • Chips - She hasn't met a chip she didn't like. I would also include crackers in this category. To help in this area, we've also cut down on our consumption of chips.

  • Sweets - Candy, especially chocolate, is one of her favorites. I would also include ice cream and cake in this category. Luckily, she is quite good about letting us ration the candy she receives at Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

  • Juice - Sweet, liquid and easy to consume in the car. She would probably drink juice all day, if that were an option.
  • Unfortunately, nothing green makes it to her list. However, being conscientious parents, we do ensure she gets at least a couple servings of vegetables, fruit, and meat everyday. We've even modified our diets to be more healthy, and therefore, set a good example. Of course, we are probably also seeing benefits from eating more healthy :-)

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