Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Story of Competing Crew Teams

My boss once used this analogy of competing crew teams to explain the challenges of working at our company.

After several unexpected losses to Company B and Company C, Company A hired a consultant to analyze the reason. After watch several competitions, the consultant returned with this report:

" Company B has an average boat and average rowers. Yet, they work together pretty well as a team and win a few races each year. Company C has an above average boat and above average rowers. They work well as a team and win over half their races each year. Your company, Company A, has the best boat and the best rowers, year after year. Unfortunately, during the race, everyone is rowing is a different direction . . ."

We both laughed, but inside we knew there was some truth. Our culture encouraged debate, decision, and then commitment. However, what often happened was debate, decision, and then further debate.

Does this situation sound familiar to others :-) ?

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