Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Disputed Price Increase on Phone Bill and Won

Last month, our phone bill was up 12%, with no changes made on our part. Typically, our phone bill varies by 1-2% due to miscellaneous charges and taxes. However, a 12% change seemed like too much of a difference due to miscellaneous charges. I looked at a previous bill and noticed that the price of one of our services had increased.

I was surprised at the increase, since the phone company had called me in 2009 and asked "Do you want our no price increase guarantee?" "Sure," I replied, " but why do you have to ask. It sounds like a great deal that I wouldn't turn down?" They explained that they were required to ask to make any changes to my account.

I guess that asking doesn't apply when they decide to increase the price :-)

Needless to say, I called the phone company on the next business day. I learned a few interesting things. First, they insisted they were charging me a 20% lower price for a service. However, when they reviewed my actual bill they found I was correct. Second, they claimed that the "no price increase guarantee" was removed when a promotional price ended on one of the services. "Hmm," I said, " There was no mention of that when they offered me the guarantee."

The customer service agreed to honor the guarantee and revised my price. In addition, they are refunding the price increase for the past two months. Today, I'm going to call back and confirm that all the agreed price corrections were made.

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Suzane said...

Thats great that you got refund. We should actually keep attention while calling to others. I talk a lot and when ever a customer care call me and try to explain any scheme i use to reject it. Actually there are many scheme which are actually useful to customer but no one listen them. Now i have activated a credit limit scheme i.e i have a credit if i reach that credit then i cant call. to others. This helps me a lot t save money. My friends calls me cheap but who cares. :)