Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Our Personal Finance Friends and Foes

Personal finance is about choices. In our experience and from observations, I've seen some choices as helpful and other choices as not so helpful. I've characterized these choices as either "friend" or "foe" for us:.

Personal Finance Choices




SavingEarly and oftenLater and infrequent, or none
DebtFunding large long term purchases such as a homeUsing to live above means or to fund routine living expenses
Higher EducationPositive financial returnIncurring burdensome debt
InvestingGood quality for longer termSpeculative or market timing

Although I have categorized each behavior as friend or foe, the dividing line can be fuzzy. I've also done actions which I have listed as in the foe category. For example, I purchased my first new car with a loan and subsequent vehicles were purchased with cash. Also, for a small part of our investment portfolio, I buy speculative stocks or try to time the market.

However, in general, I find that we are better off when our choices predominantly in the friend category.

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This is not financial advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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