Friday, February 18, 2011

A Great First Outing

This past week, the temperatures were in the low 50s making round of golf a possible activity. So I decided to do my only volunteer job: playing with golfers that have disabilities. Since I had not picked up a club since November, I expected a poor to extremely poor round.

Much to my surprise, I had an exceptional round for me. I parred the first hole, ended with two pars and four bogeys, and scored a 45 for nine holes. I missed having a third par by an inch. The other three holes weren't pretty: two triple bogeys and one quadruple bogey. Overall, I was very happy with my first round the year.

As my partner commented, my game could only get worse. I acknowledged I was already on that path after the first hole, which I parred. I wasn't likely to do any better and proved it by bogeying the second hole. Oh well, it could be a long golf season this year.

Still, it's the best volunteer job I've ever had. So I will tough it out and play the entire season, even if means always having worse scores than the first round of the year :-)

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