Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Last Hurrah

I am going to accept a position as temporary executive director of a new non-profit organization. The contract is expected to last no longer than end of 2011, at which point I will transition to a permanent executive director for which a national search is being done. Effectively, I will be un-retiring since this a paid position which will require close to 40 hour work weeks.

I am excited about the position mainly because of my passions for helping people and personal achievement. I believe the combination of my passions, career and volunteer experiences will enable me to grow the organization to help more people, i.e. make a difference.

In addition, the position will enable me to expand my professional network since I will be working with others that have similar passions, executives at potential sponsoring companies, similar organizations across the country. I may even call on a few classmates who are in a position to contribute.

Finally, the role will help me set a good example for my daughter, who will benefit from seeing a parent working regularly at a job full time. I wouldn't want her to grow up thinking that non-working parents the norm :-)

Being over 50, I know that I won't get many more opportunities like this. So I will take the first step and accept the temporary position. If the job turns out to be the expected great match, I may even apply for a permanent role.

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