Monday, April 23, 2012

For More Opportunity, Go East

My parents immigrated to the United States because the opportunities were much better here than in their home country.  Today, I'm not so sure my parents would choose to come to the United States.  Instead, I think they would be looking to immigrate to China or another Asian country, where there is much more opportunity and where success is considered to be a positive.   I fully expect that our seven year old daughter will spend most of working life outside of the United States, because that's where the future business growth will be. 

Here's some anecdotal information on why job seekers should look outside the U.S.   At a White House meeting, President Obama asked Steve Jobs about what it would take to bring back manufacturing of Apple products, which is nearly all done in Asia, back to United States.  Mr. Jobs replied, "Those jobs aren't coming back."   Recently, the Associated Press reported that 1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed.  Unfortunately, many of those jobs that college graduates used to get aren't coming back either, even when the Great Recession.

If our daughter does work overseas, I would seriously consider selling our house and living with her on the expatiate assignment, if possible.

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