Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Physical Maintenance Needed

In my younger days, I thought my body needed very low maintenance support.   I rarely used supplementary protective aids.   I ate what I wanted and took very few vitamins. I rarely took medication, maybe an aspirin or decongestant occasionally.

It started slowly.   At first it was just glasses to correct for nearsightedness.  Then, I converted to contact lenses in my late twenties.   The only major disruption was a dislocated shoulder from playing rugby, which required an emergency room visit.  My thirties were relatively easy.  With my forties came weight gain, sore feet and  reading glasses.  Since retiring, I have lost weight which significantly reduced the sore feet condition.  And my eyesight seems to have improved slightly :-)

However, I know more maintenance requirements will be needed in the future.  Based on my parents' experiences,  I expect to need special supports (e.g. knee brace, shoe inserts), more medications to control health metrics (e.g. cholesterol, blood sugar) and perhaps other physical aids after I pass 70.  In the meantime, I look forward to  fifteen more good years.

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