Saturday, April 28, 2012

Reflecting on the Amount of Time Left

In Looking for Fifteen More Good Years, I estimated that my health and physical capabilities would be relative good for another 15 years.   Today, I was thinking what 15 years was in other time increments:  5478 days (including 3 leap years) or 131,472 hours.  Of course, about 1/3 will be spent sleeping, which leaves 87,648 waking hours.

While 87,648 hours sounds like a lot, it really isn't.  For example, if I do something for one hour a day, that will use up 1/16 of the remaining waking hours or 5478 hours.   So actively choosing how I spend my time will be an important exercise to get the most out of those fifteen years.  

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Kurt @ Money Counselor said...

I think reflections such as these are useful--helps one value each day. I recently evaluated myself using one of the online life expectancy calculators. I learned there's a 25% chance I'll die within 21 years. That got me attention!