Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taking Advantage of Tax Day Specials

This year, I'm plan to celebrate the end of tax season, which I haven't done before for previous tax seasons. I'm going to take advantage of some of the tax day specials that various (mainly food) businesses are offering.  Here are the best I found for the April 17, 2012 tax day specials since they provide links to locations and most of the coupons: and That Frugal Girl.  These sites also are updating the specials as new information becomes available.

Unfortunately, I won't be doing most of the specials on the list since the locations are not close or I don't have a Facebook account. For now,  I will try to do the Buy One Get One for one cent specials for a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder at McDonald's.

In addition, the Fox and Hound normally has $2 pint days on Tuesdays, which also happens to be Tax Day (April 17, 2012) this year.   So I will probably try to take advantage of this special also, even though it is available every Tuesday.

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AJ Borowsky said...

Normally I would ask first but since it's just a one day thing I figured I'd just go ahead and post it.

I'm giving away a Kindle (or Kindle App) eBook tomorrow (4/17/12) for Tax Day. The book is called What Next A Proactive Approach to Success.