Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just Two More Days

I'm retiring from my first post retirement job that I starting working at 5 years ago. I haven't told the company officially, other than in a (theoretically) anonymous survey.    All of my office colleagues know this will be my last year.   Most of my clients also know.

I suspect the company won't care if I return or not.   My colleagues are not surprised, and are used to turnover.  The response from my clients have been most satisfying.

Most of my clients are disappointed that I am not returning.  Some have asked if they can come to me privately.   I've told them I am also leaving the business, but if I weren't my employment contract prevents me from working current clients for at least one year.  One client gave me a hug.  And one new client told me that received more useful advice in their only session with me than all the years they had with their previous provider.

The part of the job I will miss most is working with clients to help them to maximize their situation.  And I will miss seeing clients and  getting the brief annual update of their lives.  

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