Sunday, April 07, 2013

Stock Market Party Probably Over

The stock market looks a lot like October 2007 again to me.  Back then, the S&P 500 reached an all time high, my company stock reached an all time high, and our investment accounts were over 20 times my salary.  In March 2013, the S&P exceeded the 2007 high, my company stock beat the 2007 high, and our investment accounts were over 20 again, but below the 2007 high. Just as in 2007, there are now signs of potential crises which could lead to an economic downturn. 

Back then, I decided to stay invested and ride out any economic downturn.   That turned out to be a bad decision.   Now, I'm at the same crossroads again and I don't plan to make the same mistake.  I will continue to sell into what's left of the rally, so that I have cash to reinvest when the market makes the inevitable downturn.

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