Wednesday, August 16, 2017

De-Risking But Staying Invested

I am clueless as to why the stock market keep advancing.  There is domestic turmoil, there are geo-political issues, stock market breadth is getting very narrow, and there is political gridlock even  though one party is controlling.  The only positive is that the economy, both global and US, continues to improve.

We are only one or two major negative events away from a significant market decline.

Until then, the market will continue to grind up higher.

I'm not a fan of completely exiting the market and going to cash.  However, I am willing to reduce risk by selling some stocks and taking some profits.  I may even sell some stocks at a loss, if I expect them to all further.

So I plan to sell my peripheral holdings, taking profits in my trading positions, and take profits to maintain accounts at minimum levels.  If the market declines, the pain won't be as great.   If the market advances, I will partially participate.

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