Saturday, August 05, 2017

When It Rains...

It pours.

I typically do most minor home repairs, but lately, stuff is breaking faster than my pace of fixing things.

I still have a few not urgent plumbing repairs on my list.   Then this week, I determined my refrigerator gasket is deteriorating and found an underground rainwater drainage pipe has a break  Then today,  my son breaks the door handle on my spouses car.

My first two discoveries were already taking up significant time as I was figuring out how do to the repairs.   My biggest concern was the refrigerator, since a poor repair would have us lose a lot of food.   So I was carefully working out the details.

Now my son has added more complexity to my tasks.   It seems that replacing a door handle requires major, in my opinion, disassembly of the car door.    Again, a little risky if I don't do it correctly, since my truck is able to transport our entire family.

So I'll be very busy in the next week, figuring out if I can manage the work to minimize risk or if I should just have the professionals do it.

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This is not financial or home/car maintenance advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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