Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Be Patient

"Patience is a virtue."  ~ old adage

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop before making any significant equity purchases.   I expect the market indices to test or go to new lows, before rebounding to new highs.  So I have been selling into this rally.  (Full disclosure:  We are still down because I began purchasing peripheral shares long before the bottom.)

Today, I started nibbling at a few stock that were getting close to, but not at their March bottom.  These included:  NNN, T, and COTY.      I expect the stocks will go lower in the coming weeks, but I couldn't resist making a purchase of one share of each, since the commissions are now $0.

I will scale in and buy more of these shares, and others,  if the market continues to drop.

Full disclosure:  We own shares of NNN, T and COTY.

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