Friday, May 15, 2020

My Post Retirement Education

As part of my retirement, my company allotted up to $5000 over 2 years to use for post retirement education.  The only restriction, that I recall, is the funds could not be used for golf lessons.

I used my funds to take courses at a local vocational school.  The knowledge I learned from these courses have been very useful in retirement.  Here are the courses I took:

  • Electrical wiring.  This was a course that enabled me to qualify as an apprentice electrician. I learned how to correctly wire outlets, switch boxes and lights.   Prior to this course, I would rewire elements as I found them. With the course, I was able to know when elements in our house were not wired correctly (but not dangerously) and rewire them correctly when making changes.
  • Plumbing.  A basic plumbing course to qualify as an apprentice.   For me, plumbing was not as complicated and more intuitive than the electrical wiring course. However, I wasn't able to solder copper pipe correctly.  I still learned enough to be more adept at simple repairs.
  • Masonry.  Again a basic course to qualify for apprenticeship.   I learned that I could never do masonry work well, e.g build a straight wall.   I did learn enough to do basic minor repairs.
  • Landscaping.    Although this course covered design, my best takeaway was how and when to prune trees.
  • Cooking.   I learned some cooking skills and got some good recipes to use at home.  I must admit the best part of this course was eating the meals we prepared in class.
I enjoyed all these courses, mainly because they expanded my personal capabilities to do basic repairs on our house and save the cost of hiring someone.

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