Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Venturing Out after COVID Lockdown

Our state has started reopening:  elective medical and manufacturing last week and retail stores, outside dining, and personal services this week.  Next week will be indoor dining.    Still to come:  daycare, schools, gyms, and bars.

Our plan is to slowly return to normalcy by restricting daily exposure at this public places.  Specifically, we'll try to limit daily exposure at public places to 2 exposures per day.   That way we reduce the daily probability of being exposed to an infected person.  Also, in most cases, we won't be in contact with any person for an extended time, e.g more than a minute.

The exposure exceptions are personal service and elective medical visits, which may have up to an hour of contact.  I plan to get a haircut this week, on the first day of opening.  Fortunately, my service is fast, only about 15 minutes.    For now, I will pass on routine medical visits and tests since to reduce exposure to people in hospitals.

With declining overall infections, we will increase the number of daily exposures as time passes.  If overall infections increase, we will reduce the number of daily exposures.

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