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The Wealth Builder Carnival #43

Welcome to the forty-third edition of The Wealth Builder Carnival. The purpose of this carnival is to collect articles from the blogosphere on building, preserving and keeping enough wealth for a comfortable retirement. For reference, I have tried to keep the carnival content tightly focused on wealth building and did not include submissions that were off topic. For reading convenience, the posts are listed with a brief summary or comment by the submitter and organized them into seven categories: Earning, Insuring and Protecting, Investing, Living Frugally, Retiring, Saving and Taxes.

And now onto the Carnival:


Mike Tye presents One word - Salesmen posted at Mikes Simple Blog, saying, "How I entered the world of sales.. and promptly left"

Teacher Man presents How a Great Summer Job Can Benefit You posted at My University Money, saying, "Starting out in the real world after school can be hard on its own. Throw in some debt and no job experience and it can be quite stressful. A great summer job can make you debt free!"

Odysseas presents How Much Does Watching TV Really Cost You? posted at Wallet Blog, saying, "Hey, I hope all is well! I think you and your readers will really enjoy my submission this week because I explain how much money people are wasting every year just by watching TV and what they could be doing with that money instead. Have a great weekend!"

Insuring and Protecting

NetBiz presents How To Prevent Identity Theft posted at Banks That Do Not Use Chexsystems, saying, "In the light of the several recent identity theft news stories, this is a roundup of what one should do to avoid falling prey to identity theft"

Colin Robertson presents How Do I Prove A Reported Insurance Claim Isn’t Mine? posted at The Truth About Insurance.com, saying, "“OK, Mrs. Thompson, your premium is going to be a very favorable…oh, wait a second…I am seeing an insurance claim you filed a few years back on your homeowners insurance. That’s going to significantly impact your premium.”"


Steve presents McDonalds Corp (MCD) Climbs to a 52 Week High posted at FastSwings.com - Steve Patterson, saying, "McDonalds continues to perform well with strong sales from abroad."

Dividends4Life presents 11 Dividend Stocks Trading at a Double-Digit Discount posted at Dividend Growth Stocks, saying, "Everyone loves a sale! Well, maybe not everyone. When stocks go on sale it seems to depress a large number of market participants. However, for those of us that like buying stocks at a discount, the recent market pullback has finally provided a little relief."

Dividend Growth Investor presents Kinder Morgan Partners – One Company three ways to invest in it posted at Dividend Growth Investor, saying, "Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. owns and manages energy transportation and storage assets. This master limited partnership has consistently increased distributions since 1997. There are three ways to invest in the partnership."

Maxim Kazawy presents How to Examine a Mutual Fund's Fundamentals - Price to Earnings, Price to Book, Dividend Yield & Expense Ratio posted at Best Dividend Mutual Funds, saying, "Just like how analysts like to measure a company's stock via the price to earnings ratio, price to book ratio, earnings per share growth, Beta, market capitalization & volume, dividend mutual funds can also be measured in the same manner."

Alex Almendes presents Asset allocation posted at Financial Tips|Personal Money Management|Investment Guide, saying, "Asset allocation is the basis of most financial plan. It tells you what some of your money want to invest in different types of investments or assets such as stocks, bonds, etc. It also can describe of how much time you have to achieve your goals and whether or not to wait to see the value of your investment's change much between now and then."

David Leeman presents Target Date Funds - A Simple Investing Option posted at Financial Freedom Advantage, saying, "If financial freedom is your goal, but you don’t know how to invest, target date funds are a simple investing option that you may want to consider."

Maxim Kazawy presents Top 6 Companies with Consistent Dividend Growth posted at Best Dividend Stocks, saying, "Investing in the best dividend paying companies creates huge wealth over the long term thanks to compounding dividend returns. Some investors like to top it up a notch by investing in good companies with huge dividend growth rates, this is like turbo charging your Porsche Cayyene."

Mike Piper presents The Perfect Portfolio: Don’t Bother Trying posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, "It's easy to get caught up in attempts to perfect your portfolio. The problem is, it will never actually be perfect."

Living Frugally

Big Cajun Man presents Model Home Version 0.1 posted at Canadian Personal Finance Blog, saying, "Sometimes you need to spend money to protect your investment in your house, and to keep your bills down as well? Yup, sounds sort of opposites don't it."

The Amateur Financier presents What I Want To Pass Onto My Children posted at The Amateur Financier, saying, "A guide to the sorts of lessons I want to pass onto my children, teaching them how to use money in a way that benefits, rather than controls, their lives and actions."






jared h presents Tax Deductible Vacation Tips posted at RICH AS CHOCOLATE, saying, "Ways to make your next family vacation tax deductible."

Alex Peters presents Claiming Back Emergency Tax posted at EmergencyTax.Org, saying, "If you are on the wrong tax code you may be overpaying tax. This blog posts looks at how you can claim a tax refund if you are on an emergency tax code."

David de Souza presents Which Countries Pay The Most Tax posted at TaxFix Blog, saying, "Each country has different tax rates. This week we have created an infographic which shows visually which countries pay the most tax."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Wealth Builder Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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