Thursday, November 30, 2006

Financial Publications that I Regularly Read

In addition to following several personal finance weblogs, there are four financial publications that I read on a regular basis. There are many good publications, but most are not as innovative or relevant as I would like. The following are the publications that I think have the best relevant, cutting edge business/finance articles and the most variety.

Here are my daily reads:

The Wall Street Journal – This is the grand daddy of financial publications. I read it daily. I focus mainly on two sections, the front page and the Personal Journal section. The front page highlights the worldwide and financial news. The Personal Journal section was created in the past year and provides articles on personal finance. My favorite writer in the Personal Journal section is Jonathan Clements.

Yahoo! Finance – This is a good all around financial website. I originally used Yahoo! Finance to get quotes for my stock portfolio. It’s easy to use and provides a wide variety of information on the equities. I also enjoy the variety of columnists, my favorite being Laura Rowley. The weekend edition does a great weekly roundup of stories. At this time, I primarily read the Home and Investing tabs.

Here are my weekly reads:

Business Week – This is a weekly magazine on business trends, business success stories, and innovation. I read it to keep current in these areas and to get ideas for my work, career and personal finances.

Investors Business Daily – I read the Monday Special edition whenever I get a chance. I enjoy checking the IBD 100, their recommendation of the top 100 stocks. In addition, I like to get insights and ideas from their segments on Success, Leadership and Investing Criteria.

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