Friday, November 10, 2006

Personal Finance Blogs I Regularly Read

There are many good personal finance blogs. I would like to highlight the ones I regularly read. For reference, my regular reads are an eclectic collection since I enjoy learning about a wide range of personal finance approaches. In alphabetical order, here they are:

FreeMoneyFinance - “This site is about one simple thing: growing your net worth.”

FMF routinely searches the internet for stories, ideas, tips and advice on personal finance and summarizes them on his website. With his experience and background, it’s not surprising that his posts provide excellent personal finance information. He currently donates all the website earnings to charity.

Moomin Valley - “I'm an economist and an active investor/trader. I'm not an American but I live in the US. This blog expands on my NetWorthIQ page and points to interesting personal finance and investing links.”

Moomin has developed a trading model which he is validating as a system to beat the stock market. From what I can surmise, it is a very mathematically sophisticated model. While the model I use is not as sophisticated, I am always interested more successful trading systems than what I currently use.

Money, Matter, and More Musings - “Musings Of A Graduate Student on Money Making, Money Management, Personal Finance, Debt, Credit Cards, Interest Rates, Everything Else That Is Money Related, And Some More”

GolbGuru is a graduate student and a great numbers guy. He has excellent detailed mathematical explanations of personal finance principles. A great multi-tasker, he masterfully handles 18 credit cards, including several 0% balance transfers.

Always a fun read, especially if you like number crunching or video presentations. - Does anything else need to be said? It is THE personal finance blog aggregator. I check it at least 3 times per week. It provides a great variety of personal finance tips, techniques and success stories. It’s an easy way to find content that may be useful.

This is not financial advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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GolbGuru said...

Thank you sir for the most eloquent and flattering mention there. :)