Monday, November 06, 2006

More Carnivals of Money and Finance!!!

The 73rd Carnival of Personal Finance is hosted at City Girl's Financial Blog. She has listed about 60 posts on personal finance. One of her favorites is “GolbGuru juggles 18 credit cards! In 18 Credit Cards And Not A Single Late Payment: A Guide To Efficent Credit Card Management #1, he shares his secrets at Money, Matter, and More Musings.” I was impressed with GolbGuru’s ability to manage that many accounts and passwords without missing a beat or a payment.

The Sixth Edition of Carnival of Taxes is now available at Kay Bell’s blog, Don't Mess With Taxes . I am a big fan of paying the government no more than what I owe. In the tax break section of this Carnival, I learned about a new $30-$60 telephone tax refund that has been enacted for 2006.

The Ninth Festival of Stocks is up and running at SINLetter. There are 12 posts on investment strategies and individual stock picks. SINLetter also has posted their model portfolio which has returned an awesome 72.9% since August, 2005. (Disclosure: I have no financial relationship with SINLetter.)

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