Saturday, November 25, 2006

New – The Penny Pinching Carnival

The inaugural edition of the Penny Pinching Carnival is up and running compliments of Joe Caterisano. The Carnival is devoted to ways to save money. There are eight posts focused primarily on saving strategies, getting more from your savings, and getting out of debt.

I enjoyed all the posts, several of which were very in-depth. My favorite was a detailed how-to by Erek Ostrowski on Getting Out of Debt (Part 1) posted at Verve Coaching.

This is not financial advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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Anonymous said...

Posted on Moomin Valley:

Hi Super Saver

Thanks for your nice comments. Yes I am still using the model but market conditions haven't been good for it and my discipline and focus rather shaky and so I lost most of the profit I made earlier in the summer. I am still trying to get my act together on this though. This market rally has gone on much longer than I imagined possible so I decided not to make any more predictions. Because I am diversified across investing and trading and across currencies etc. though I am up about 14% ytd at this point which about matches the S&P 500. Sure, I could have done the same in an index fund, but I've had more fun this way :P (more importantly learnt a lot).