Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Carnival of Thoughtful Consideration

The inaugural edition of the Carnival of Thoughtful Consideration is up and running at Thoughtful Consideration with 22 personal finance posts. I like the format of this Carnival. For the personal finance section, it has eight categories: Budget and Saving; Credit and Debt; Education; Jobs, Employment and Income; Miscellaneous Investing; Net Worth; Personal Finance; and Retirement, with each category having 1-5 articles. The organization made it easier to find the posts I wanted to read.

There were many good posts in this first edition. Although it was difficult to choose just one, here is my Carnival pick:

Laura Young presents Top 10 Things I Had to Learn on the Road to Full-Time Self-Employment posted at Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life saying, “Considering self-employment or strengthening your own business in the coming year? Here are some tips to make the road easier.

I hope you enjoy reading this new Carnival.

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