Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Five Items Not On My Holiday Request List

As regular readers know, I practice the principle of buying only what I need. I also apply this principle to my gift request list.

Here are the top five items not on my gift request list:

Number 5 – A handheld GPS. Nice, but for $150 to $500, I can still use a standard map. MapQuest does a fine job also. It requires a little planning ahead, but worth saving the money instead of buying a GPS.

If I traveled a lot, I would consider getting one. Using a map for the home area is convenient. Having maps for or getting lost in 50 different cities, would justify paying for a GPS.

Number 4 – A Wii, Playstation 3 or Xbox 460.
I used to be a video game fanatic. I still love to play my nephew whenever we visit my brother-in-law and his family. (My only chance of winning is if the game is new. Wisdom occasionally beats reflexes in such cases:-) If I had one these game consoles, I would be playing it non-stop. So I don’t have one.

Number 3 – A digital music recorder/player. I like music, but not that much. Mind you, I think the IPod is a great innovation and I own Apple (AAPL) stock. Some of my colleagues have 2 or 3 IPods. From an investment perspective, I’m glad lots of other people like it.

Number 2 – A wide screen (or really wiiiiide screen) HDTV. It’s great technology and I am impressed. However, I don’t enjoy TV that much, I don’t need to see it finer detail to be convinced I don’t enjoy current programs:-)

And my Number 1 non-request is – A fully loaded SUV or luxury car, with the price tag of a small house. Some vehicles have sound systems, video systems, leather and wood paneling far exceeds what I have in my home. However, I don’t want to live in my vehicle. I just want it to get to my destination reliably and safely. A good solid base car or truck that can be driven for at least ten years is more my style.

Just in case anyone wants to send My Wealth Builder a holiday gift , my current request list includes a tie, a bottle of scotch, and a membership to the art museum :-)

Photo Credit:, Clara Natoli

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Anonymous said...

I broke-down and bought a Garmin StreetPilot GPS. I've gotten into too many arguments with my fiancée about directions and reading maps. Both of us unfortunately hate driving, so I felt it was a small price to pay to alleviate the issue.

MoneyFwd said...

Only reason I would get a GPS at this moment is to do some geocaching. It'd give me a reason to go wander in the outdoors.

And a good bottle of scotch could cost as much as a game system, give you the same number of headaches, but wouldn't last as long.

Super Saver said...

Savvy Steward,

A harmonious relationship is definitely a worthwile "need" :-)

Money Forward,

You must drink really good scotch :-) My favorite is Lagavulin Single Islay Malt, aged 16 years. About $80. Even if I could get a game console at $80, I would go with the scotch:-)