Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Why Drive a Truck

During my driving lifetime, I have owned, in chronological order, the family 13 year old hand-me-down, a sports sedan, a convertible, full size luxury car, and a full size pickup truck. While I have enjoyed all of these vehicles, my favorite is the truck because it is a great combination of practical and economical. Here the reasons I choose a truck as my top pick:

Better View, Safer Driving. I am seated above most drivers. By sitting at a higher elevation, I can see the overall traffic on the road much better. In particular, I can see the bad drivers and avoid being near them.

Savings on Delivery Charges. My truck has tremendous cargo capacity. I can haul just about anything, anywhere. We moved two chairs and a couch from my in-law’s house to ours using my truck. Fifty bags of mulch fit comfortably in the truck bed. We regularly haul large items home from Costco. Even a full size car couldn’t handle a quarter of the items I regularly transport.

Low Cosmetic Maintenance. For example, dings don’t matter to me. Even though the truck was purchased new, I have never worried about getting a ding, nick or scratch. My philosophy is, “It’s a truck.” Trucks are supposed to have dings, nicks and scratches. Or else it’s not a truck:-)

Overall, the truck has been a great everyday vehicle for me. It is a six cylinder, manual transmission, base model truck that is very reliable. It gets about 20 miles to the gallon, costs $22 for oil changes (only maintenance so far) at the dealer, and has saved me several local delivery charges.

Photo Credit:, Ruth Harris

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