Saturday, December 23, 2006

Secrets to Career Success - Get a Jungle Guide

In a previous post, I wrote about the secret to success. One of the key factors was good judgment. One way to gain good judgment is to get a mentor, or to use the Liar's Poker analogy, a jungle guide. Here’s how I use the jungle guide idea in the new hire training I do.

Super Saver: All of you are pretty smart. You all graduated from excellent schools with great majors. Right?

New Hires: Yes... sure.....right.

Super Saver: How many of you would go into the Amazon jungle by yourselves?

About 5% of the new hires raise their hands.

Super Saver: Alright, you are pretty brave. The rest of you know that being smart may not be enough. If you had to go into the jungle, what would you do?

New Hires: (Silence.)

Super Saver: You’d hire a jungle guide, somebody who had done it before. And brought their clients out alive. If you get a good jungle guide, you get out alive. Those of you that do it yourselves……. well, some of you will make it and some won’t. And those of you that make it will take longer than those with jungle guides, and may end up being more tired and worn out that them.

New Hires: (Nod their heads.)

Super Saver: Think about it. Work is like a jungle. Find a good jungle guide. You will be more successful because you will benefit from their experience and good judgment.

During the training, 100% get it and pledge to do something about it. I realize only about 50% remember it after the training, and only about 20%-30% do something about it. However, I am still heartened that I was able to help up to 30% become more successful.

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