Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Midas Touch

Our daughter is 2-3/4 years old and is already developing a reputation for being lucky. A few weeks ago, we went to a retailer's remodelling grand opening. A local radio station was running a promotion and allowing customers to spin for a prize. Our daughter spun the wheel and we won the top prize of two airline tickets to the domestic destination of our choice. While free, these tickets were part of travel agency promotion. Because of the some effort needed to collect, we will likely not use the tickets. However, it was fun for her to win the prize.

This past weekend, our daughter won a $100 bill with no strings attached. Our bank was having a one year anniversary celebration. As part of the festivities, they gave away 100 envelopes with $1 to $100. I received a ticket for an envelope when I was doing my banking in the morning. I went home to picked up our daughter and brought her back to play games and eat free ice cream. When we returned, there were only five money envelopes remaining and we were told the $100 prize still had not been chosen.

The pressure was too much for me:-) So I let our daughter choose. As the envelopes were fanned out, she immediately picked the top envelope, as if it were calling her name. When I opened the envelope and showed everyone the $100, she became an immediate celebrity . Everyone cheered and clapped. We took pictures. While our daughter enjoyed the celebration, she didn't quite realize the reason for it.

Of course, I realize these winnings are truly luck and won't be counting on them in the future:-)

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