Saturday, June 09, 2007

Stock Market Call on 6/7/07 - Lucky or Good?

Seen on a sign posted in a neighborhood: LOST Brown and black dog, three legs, broken tail, blind, and deaf in one ear. Responds to the name Lucky.

On Thursday, I decided I had waited long enough and purchased more stock in spite of a 3% drop in the market indices over three days. As it turned out, this was a good call. On Friday, the market decline was reversed and the indices rose a little over 1%. I am glad that I had the intestinal fortitude to follow my system and make more purchases. However, I did hedge my decision by buying less than the original desired amount.

So the question is was I lucky or good? The answer is I don't know yet since I have only been using this stock picking system for about 20 months. For me, lucky is getting it right once or twice and good is being consistently (say over 50% of the time) right. The system has enabled me to make three good decisions and it has had missed one opportunity. While it looks like that I made the right call for now, there have been many instances where the market and my purchases reversed. For those cases, I feel have multiple scars , like Lucky, the dog described above, that represent the times I wasn't so right.

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