Monday, June 25, 2007

Retirement Saving Challenge - Choosing A Goal

It's six days from the start of My Wealth Builder's Retirement Saving Challenge, which will start on Sunday, July 1, 2007. By now one should have set a saving goal. I have presented approaches which offer two very different goals. The first approach is to save 12% of one's salary. The second approach is to to save enough to have a nest egg of 12 times one's current salary by age 65. For reference, here is a comparison of the two approaches.

12% of Salary
12% Of Salary By

Saving Rate to Achieve Next Egg of 12 Times Salary at 65
Daily Savings Amount by Age
Salary203040 5060Target 12X salary
$20,0001.48 3.418.24 22.68106.97$240,000

For this Retirement Savings Challenge, it pays to be young :-) Until around 37.5 years, the saving amount to achieve a nest egg of 12 times salary is the lower number. After 37.5 years, the saving amount for 12% of salary is lower number, because one has to make up for lost time to achieve a 12 X nest egg. To get started, try to save at the lower number of the two approaches and work towards the higher number over the next year.

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Anonymous said...

Great tables! Our rate was 20% - 30% of income in the past. These days it's negative because we're coasting on one income temporarily. Hopefully in the next couple of years things will change back to heavy saving again.