Friday, October 08, 2010

Appealing to Retiree Workers

In the past year, I've worked at several seasonal part-time jobs with other retirees. Based on my experience, I've developed a list of qualities that make a job appealing to me as a retiree. If a job doesn't have these qualities, then I won't return in the following year. Here are the criteria that are important to me:
  • Good management. In most cases, the management at my part time jobs is acceptable. As a retiree, I don't need to put up with poor management. One of my jobs had very poor management. I definitely won't be returning next year.

  • Compatible colleagues. In my career, I've worked with my share of difficult colleagues. In retirement, I choose to work primarily with people with whom I enjoy working. Definitely less stress and more fun :-)

  • Full access to resources. I want access to all the necessary equipment, training and contacts to do my work.
  • I have one additional criteria that may not apply to other retirees -- the proximity of the work location. I prefer locations within five miles of my house. I won't take a job that is over 10 miles from our home.

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