Friday, October 29, 2010

Over 50% Plan to Work in Retirement

A CNBC article reports that Working During Retirement May Be "The New Normal" according to a Barclay's survey. About 60 percent of respondents expect being involved in paid work of some kind for their entire life. Although some plan to work for financial reasons, many plan to work because it is an important part of their life. In some cases, retirees found time spent in post retirement activities was different than they had expected. Most telling was that for some, the interest in working during retirement increased after retirement.

For reference, the survey was done among 2000 people from 20 countries with more than $1.5 million in investable assets.

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1 comment:

traineeinvestor said...

If you have to work to make ends meet in retirement, is it really retirement? (Working for other reasons is a different matter.)

Personally, I would rather front end load an extra couple of years of full time work before really retiring than go earlier and be dependent on getting part time work (which usually pays worse) to meet expenses.