Sunday, October 03, 2010

Can't Go Back

"I can't go back. I know now that things will never be the same." ~ Eddie Money

Today we visited a neighborhood art fair where we lived in 10 years ago, prior to moving to overseas. The art festival was great. It was bigger, higher quality and greater variety than when we lived there. Afterwards, we decided to have dinner and visit a specialty shop.

That's when we were disappointed. Some places we frequented were no longer in business. The specialty shop had changed significantly. When we spoke with other patrons, they said the store had been the same for as long as they lived there which was about 6 years. Boy, we were showing our age :-)

However, we did find a new restaurant and new store that we enjoyed. So all was not lost.

The experience made me realize that our financial circumstances are in a similar situation of "can't go back." It would be great if our investments and home value could go back to 2007 at the height of the stock market and housing boom. But it isn't going to happen. We need to move forward and not long for the past. Just like today's experience in our old neighborhood, we'll need to find approaches and opportunities to grow our savings and investments in the new economic environment.

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This is not financial advice. Please consult a professional advisor.

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