Monday, June 20, 2011

Doing What's Needed

My simple strategy for success is to do what is needed.  Well, simple may be an over statement, because the strategy is not easy to execute.   There are often other tempting options such as doing what's be done before, doing what's easy, doing what's popular or, worst of all, doing nothing.  However, these other options may not be what's needed for success.

With the goverment monetary stimulus ending soon, the Greek crisis likely ending poorly, and the negative impact of government policies on business growth, it doesn't seem like anyone has the courage to do what's needed.   I can't see how the stock market can do anything but decline.

So, I'm going to do what's needed.  In my case, I believe it is time to be short in the stock market.  For reference, I am not a big fan of shorting stocks even though I have shorted in the past.   However, I'm sure shorting is what's needed now to do well in the stock market.

I have taken initial short positions in Akamai, Ford and Citibank.   At this time, I am breaking even, after commissions, even though the overall market is slightly up.   This has given me more confidence to continue shorting.

Disclosure:  I am short Akamai, Ford and Citibank at the time of publication.

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