Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maximizing a Gas Discount

Our grocery store offers a $0.10/gallon savings on gas for every $100 spent in a month.  The savings expire every month, i.e. they are not cumulative.   For reference, we don't make any special effort to shop at the grocery store.  We just accumulate savings with our normal grocery shopping.
Not long ago, we accumulated an $0.80/gallon savings due to a bonus for using the store's clinic.  This was a significant savings that I wanted to maximize. Typically, I use the savings for filling up my truck when it is near empty since it has a 22 gallon tank.   However, for an $0.80/gallon savings I got creative.  I decided to try filling up my truck and my spouse's car at the same time.
So my spouse and I met at the gas station and parked our vehicles such that hose from the gas pump could reach both cars. After filling up my truck, I transferred the hose to my spouse's car.   We were able to fill up both cars for $3.00/gallon.   That was a savings of over $24 since both cars needed over 33 gallons.
We definitely don't plan on doing this on a regular basis.  It's not worth the effort for the typical $0.10 to $0.20 savings we get.  However, it was definitely worth it for the one time we had $0.80 reduction in the price of a gallon of gas :-)
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