Thursday, August 11, 2011

Asked a Great Question

Last week our six year old daughter asked me, "What can I do to earn some money?"  I think that is a great question.    For reference, I already pay our daughter for helping me clean up after an after school teaching assignment.  Here are some reasons I'm impressed:

  • She's starting to understand that people work to get money.   While she still depends on the parents for funds, she realizes that we needed to work to get the money we have. 

  • She is motivated by money.   That's not such a bad thing.  The college roommate that was most motivated by money ended up with the highest paying job.

  • She wants to earn money to buy things she wants.  Our daughter knows that her current purchases are limited by what we allow her to buy.  If she earns money, she can buy more of what she wants.  I think gum is tops on her list :-)

  • For now, we're not sending her to work just yet.  However, I will continue to look for ways to give our daughter the opportunity to earn money.

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