Monday, August 08, 2011

Less Talk, More Action

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. ~ Rita Mae Brown

When I was a new employee, our company's product was the leading brand, but losing share precipitously.  However, the research group was conservative and only working on a safe upgrade.  The research group did not want to risk a major change that would cause a problem.

At the annual reviews, the CEO patiently listened to the research team's presentation.   At its conclusion, he asked one question, "Will this upgrade reverse product's share decline?"   The group hesitated and answered, " Probably not."  The CEO then responded, "Then work on something that will."

To me, the recent stock market decline is the result of the government continuing to do what doesn't work:  talking about the issue.  For example, I'm tired of politicians telling me that the other party caused the problem.  Today, the constant patter was that the S&P downgrade was a mistake and that it was the other party's mistake.   The current administration seems to think that just talking about the issue will improve the situation.  (For reference, the market dropped further after Obama's speech claiming the S&P rating was a mistake.)

It's time to stop talking and do something that will improve the situation.  Here's my recommended action to improve the situation.

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