Friday, August 05, 2011

Glad to Be in Cash

Two months ago, I started to worry and  began selling out our stock investments.  Through July 2011, it wasn't clear that I had made a good decision since the market recovered and nearly achieved the 2011 highs.   However, this week I feel my decision was vindicated especially since  I slept well  this week.

So while indices fell 6-8% this week, the retirement accounts I manage only fell 0.4% since I still kept a very small amount of stock.

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Roger Wohlner said...

Certainly this past week cash was a good place to be. Assuming that you are a long-term investor, what will be your "signal" to reinvest?

Super Saver said...

My signal to consider reinvesting is a Dow 10,200 (20% decline) or a significant postive change in government economic policies. I think a Dow 10,200 is more likely at this time:-(