Friday, August 19, 2011

Got My "A" Game Again

When I took on the executive director position at a non profit, I had been retired 3.5 years and had not worked at a executive or management position during that time. During that time, I was happy doing worker jobs in teaching, tutoring and financial services, leaving the mangement responsibilities to others.  I enjoyed the focus on doing a excellent job while working and then leaving the job, both physically and mentally.  However, I still felt I was very good at making decisions and evaluating performance.

After 5-1/2 months on the job, I now know my executive/management skills were a little rusty in the beginning. But it's just like riding a bike: it just takes a little practice get back to the 100% level.  It took me about two months to get back into the groove a managing an organization.  My analysis and decision skills have resharpened.  I make quick evaluations. My assessments of peoples strengths is excellent again.  Best of all, my percentage of being correct has increased.  I playing my "A" game again.

Although, I'm very good at doing this job, I've decided not to renew my contract.  I'm very glad for my last hurrah,  but it's not what I love doing.   However, it has helped me refine my thinking  about what I want to do.  And I think I will try to make that happen while I still got my "A" game.
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