Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Bowl Stock Market Indicator Predicts a Good Year

The Super Bowl Stock Market Indicator has predicted the stock market direction with 80% success rate. When a winner is from the old NFL league wins, the stock market will end higher.  When a winner is from the old AFL league, the  stock market will end lower.

This year's teams are both  old NFL teams.  The San Fransico 49ers are from the old NFL league.    The Baltimore Ravens were originally the Cleveland Browns, which was from the old NFL league.   So despite all the political uncertainty, sovereign debt uncertainty, and the lackluster economic recovery, the Super Bowl indicates the stock market will have higher finish in 2013.

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David said...

Go 49ers. It's fun to debate this but 80% success rate isn't saying much. I'm in Index funds. I'll take them anyday and I sleep well at night.

Shawn @ PipsToday said...

The statement "The stock market direction with 80% success rate." is really unbelievable for me as well. As my prediction is just opposite of it.