Thursday, February 07, 2013

Using Heirlooms

When I was growing up, my parents always took special care of our expensive or valuable possessions.  We only used living room furniture and china with guests, we had covers on our new car seats, and heirlooms were stored versus used.   I can understand the reason.  My parents were born during the depression, grew up during WWII, and had limited financial resources until their late thirties.  So they wanted to be careful with the items of value they had or acquired.

While my parent's approach has preserved the heirlooms for the next generation, we didn't use (or see) many of the items while they were alive.   I only remember using the fine china twice.  My mom rarely wore the silver charm bracelet we gave her.   My dad never used a valuable birthday gift from his relatives.

My sister and I now own all these and other heirlooms.  I've decided that we'll be using the items that I received.   That way we will get to enjoy using the items instead of just saving them for our daughter.
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