Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eating As Much I Want Again

When I was a child, I could eat as much as I want of whatever I wanted.  I was very active in sports, playing at least 2.5 hours a day on average during the school year.   I did gain some weight between sports and during summers, but I quickly lost the pounds after starting the next sport.

The eating and weight situation changed after college, when my sports activities were reduced.   I started gaining weight, needed to watch the amount I ate, and only lost or maintained weight when I did significant activities, e.g. a marathon.  It was a constant battle.

Then I had a major lifestyle change which included following the diet from  Dr. Ornish's book Program for Reversing Heart Disease.  I am not allowed to eat animal products except for egg whites and non-fat milk products.   In addition, I follow the rules on no added oils, no nuts and seeds, and no caffeine.  I have chosen no alcohol for now, even though the diet allows a single serving.  The types of foods are restricted, but the amounts are not.  So I eat as much as I want.

The toughest thing about this diet is preparation.  Because 90% is prepared from scratch with fresh vegetables, a lot of time is invested in shopping for and cooking food in the diet.   Also, I find that I need to eat about every 2 hours in order to not feel the effects of hunger.

I've been on this diet for a little over three months.  During that time, I have lost about 15% of my weight without really trying to lose weight.  In fact, I have been consciously trying to eat enough to avoid losing any more weight, which is now just a little above my weight in eighth grade.

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