Saturday, March 16, 2013

Maintaining My Diet

As I wrote in Major Lifestyle Change, I am voluntarily on a very strict diet: no animal products except non-fat milk and egg whites, no added fats and oils, no nuts and seeds.  Most people who hear about my diet don't expect that I will be able to stay on it.  Many ask when I can go back to eating "normally."  Others expect I won't be able to sustain the discipline I've demonstrated so far.  Some, I suspect, think I'm crazy :-)

Admittedly, it's only been three months so the diet hasn't been a long term situation yet.  However, I think I have a good chance of maintaining this diet for a long period.  Here are some of my reasons:
  • Dire consequences.  Not changing my diet could lead to a significant deterioration in my health and even death.   Changing my diet has been clinically proven to have some reversal impact.  It was easy for me to be motivated to use the new diet once my health condition was diagnosed.
  • Family support.  My family has been very supportive as I converted to the new diet.  My spouse has always been very health conscious about food.  Now she is experimenting with new recipes that conform to the diet guidelines.  Friends have also been supportive by making dishes that meet my diet criteria.
  • No limit eating.  I can eat as much as I want of any food allowed in the diet, which includes fruits, whole grain products and vegetables.  So I never have to worry about managing quantity.
  • Best of all, I feel good on this diet.  I've lost a lot of weight, some of my winter skin ailments have disappeared or been reduced, and my digestive system seems better.

    Of course, the biggest challenge is eating out, but most sit down restaurants are able to accommodate my dietary restrictions, either with steamed vegetables or baked potatoes.  So far this hasn't been much of a barrier to maintaining my diet.

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