Friday, March 15, 2013

Personal Learning Focus

While I was working, I focused mainly on learning to benefit the business and my career skills.   I spent some, but much less time, on learning for personal benefit.  Of course, some education on business skills, e.g. finances, also had application in my personal life.

Now that I'm retired, I focus my on learning that benefit me personally and much less time on learning that mainly benefits work.  I now spend more time learning about areas of personal interest: investing, coin collecting, healthy eating, exercise techniques, and education.

However, even the retirement jobs I did had significant personal learning benefits.  For example, the learning for a seasonal part time tax preparation job enables me to maximize the tax refund on my own return.   As an executive director of  a new non-profit, the learning helped me better understand the elements of owning a business.   As a tutor for college entrance exams, I learned some education techniques that could help our daughter.

In general, even though my retirement learning has less personal financial impact than learning for work, I am enjoying retirement learning more and therefore, am much more motivated to do it.

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