Saturday, March 09, 2013

Time to Quit?

I'm considering making 2013 my final year for working at my seasonal part time job.   No one believes me.  My spouse, colleagues and friends have reminded me that for each of the last three years I have said it would be my last year and then returned. I guess I'm not really reliable when it come to quitting a job. So everyone fully expects me to be back next year. 

Here's why the probability of me quitting has increased:
  • Office turnover.  The office environment has changed.  About 3/4 of last year's office has decided not to return, and I enjoyed working with most of them.  Overall, it was a good group of co-workers.  This year there isn't the same level of camaraderie as there was in past years.  I only enjoy working with about a quarter of the office nowadays.
  • Increased bureaucracy.   The corporate headquarters is asking us to do more peripheral work that isn't directly related to our core work.  In addition, more requirements are being imposed on our everyday work. 
  • Learning curve flattening.  A major reason for doing this job was for me to learn about how to do the work.  My expertise is now sufficiently high that I am not learning much more each year.  In addition, the changes to the regulations have significantly decreased with each year.
  • Higher commitment expected.  Next year will be a major transition for the work processes, requiring a relearning of the work.  In addition, management has asked me a couple times to have a slightly bigger role in the transition.
  • Perks being reduced.  Each year, the company seems to reduce the perks employees receive.
  • While this job pays a little over minimum wage, I've been happy since there had initially been high flexibility and low interaction with bureaucratic corporate policy.  Essentially, I felt like I was running my own business without the backroom responsibility.  However, the company is changing based on its revised strategic direction which is creating less flexibility and more bureaucracy for me. 

    There is a good chance that I will decide I'm not paid enough or get enough perks for the extra effort and stress being imposed.    I guess we'll see at the end of this season :-)

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