Monday, August 26, 2013

Capital Preservation

"Rule #1: Never lose money.  Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1."~ Warren Buffett

Today, I started to sell individual profitable stock positions, in anticipation of a stock market decline. Tomorrow, I will continue to sell to raise cash.  Then, I will wait for a 10% decline to start reinvesting.

The only equities that I may purchase before a 10% decline are material stocks, such as Freeport McMoran, Cliffs Natural Resources, and Newmont Mining or precious metal ETFs.

Disclosure:  We have long positions in Freeport McMoran, Cliffs Natural Resoures, Newmont Mining, gold ETFs, and silver ETFs.

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1 comment:

pfstock said...

I have been selling too, but only with the help of stop orders. I also own Newmont Mining so as to diversify my stock holdings.