Sunday, August 25, 2013

Time to Be Risk Averse Again

Last night I dreamed I was working at my old job again, receiving a regular paycheck, instead of being retired.   I guess my subconscious was telling me that our 35% concentration in my company stock and stock options is too much risk.  After doing the analysis last week, my conscious thinking was giving me the same caution.  I am reluctant to put significant funds back into equities while we have such a large exposure to my company stock and stock options.

On Friday, the two day reversal of the four straight down days of the Dow made me bullish, a little too bullish.  I was planning to add more funds to a managed account this week.  After thinking about the market over the weekend, I've decided the four reasons I identified in Preparing for a Correction still are relevant.  So I've decided to continue waiting for a 10% market decline before putting significant funds back into equities.

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