Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Sense of Urgency

"The most successful people have the same twenty-four hours in a day that you do."~ Jay Samit

I've usually been a late bloomer.   I got married in my late thirties, started having kids in my mid forties, and will be an empty nester in my early seventies.  I didn't get my first major promotion until twenty years with my company.

My main divergence has been early retirement (late forties) and playing football (first freshman varsity letterman in my high school).    Other than these two, I've generally not been to rushed to achieve anything.  In reality, early retirement and football happened because I was in the right place at the right time versus any specific contribution on my part.

However, I am now feeling a much greater sense of urgency.    I am less than a decade away from full retirement Social Security benefits. Four years ago, I had stents inserted for blockages in my heart,  My daughter is only six years away from college.    There just isn't much time left for me.

First on my agenda is ensuring the financial security of my family. In the past nine years, I have established sufficient finances for a good middle class lifestyle for the next forty years.  However, I think there is probability for greater financial success.   I think the next few years may be the most opportunity financial growth, with a potential economic boom.  Perhaps, we may start a business that our children can take over when they are adults.

Second on my agenda is to enjoy what we have earned and saved.   We are taking advantage of the entertainment and festivities in our area, with memberships to our local ski resort, zoo and amusement park.   Each family membership is much less than the cost of a vacation an lasts several months to year.   We will also attend more arts venues which are kid friendly.  In addition, we will take at least one major vacation a year in a significant location.

Third on my agenda is legacy, how we will be remembered.  This area is still a bit fuzzy and work in progress.  However, I don't want to end up being a legend in my own mind.   I would want to be remembered well by my children and close friends.

The next decade or two may be all the time left to achieve these, which is the reason for my sense of urgency.

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