Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Credit Card Used Fraudulently

On New Year's Day, I happened to check my e-mail and found a fraud alert notice from my credit card company.  Although the e-mail looked legitimate, I decided to first check my card account online.  Sure enough, there were a dozen fraudulent charges the previous 2 days amounting to $17,000.  So I called the number on the back of my card to report the issue.

After answering numerous identity questions, I provided the fraudulent charges to the representative.   He agreed that the charges were fraudulent and told me the charges would  be removed in 2-3 business days.   In addition, my card was cancelled and a new card was to be issued.

I checked the next day and 2/3 of the charges had been removed.  One day later all the fraudulent charges had been removed

First, it was fortunate that I checked my e-mail and read the fraud alert notice.  Second, it was good that I addressed the issue so quickly.  I'm guessing it would have taken more effort and time to correct the charges if I had identified them when I received my statement.

At this time, I'm going to check my online account a bit more frequently.   In addition, I will check with the credit card provider on more strict fraud checking criteria.   The fraudulent charges were not normal for the account, and most of them should have been denied,

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