Saturday, January 07, 2017

Change I Can Hope For

I read this quote in a recent investment analysis:
"…it is increasingly obvious that we are about to experience a profound, president-led ideological shift that will have a big impact on both the US and the world.  This will not just be a shift in government policy, but also a shift in how government policy is pursued.  Trump is a deal maker who negotiates hard, and doesn’t mind getting banged around or banging others around.  Similarly, the people he chose are bold and hell-bent on playing hardball to make big changes happen in economics and in foreign policy (as well as other areas such as education, environmental policies, etc.)."
" administration hates weak, unproductive, socialist people and policies, and it admires strong, can-do, profit makers.  It wants to, and probably will, shift the environment from one that makes profit makers villains with limited power to one that makes them heroes with significant power."

From "Reflections of the Trump Presidency, One Month After the Election" by Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates hedge fund.

Disruptive innovation has finally reached the public sector.

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